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Prices and Packages

Initial Acupuncture Treatment - $115

I thoroughly review your full health history and talk about all aspects of your health, both current and past.  After you are comfortable and any questions have been answered, you receive your first treatment.  Once the needles are placed, you relax quietly for about 30-45 minutes.

Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment $100

I start with a short interview to determine how your health is progressing.  Then you will receive a similar acupuncture treatment to your first session.

General Wellness Packages

Acupuncture treatments have accumulative results and build on each other. This is why it is important to keep a treatment plan to achieve your desired results. These packages can be seen as your treatment plan. I suggest purchasing one after your initial treatment to see how many visits you may need and how often. These packages include all the extra tools you may need or benefit from during the treatment such as moxibustion, TDP heat therapy, gua sha, cupping, and herbal consult. Packages are sold per person.

5 Treatment Package  - Receive 1 Treatment Free $500 (Including Initial treatment $515)

9 Treatment Package  - Receive 3 Treatments Free $900 (Including Initial treatment $915)

Cancelation Policy

Please call or text our front desk at (808) 638 3343 to cancel or reschedule. 

All no-shows or appointments that have been canceled or rescheduled with in 24 hours of the appointment will be charged up to $95 fee for service.

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