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Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Did you know Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the first Functional Medicines?  We look at look at your full body and environment to find your TCM diagnosis and pattern. We treat so much more than neck and low back pain, and one of the things I find most enjoyable as an acupuncturist is to help you navigate your symptoms early. Many people come in monthly for maintenance for "the little things" so they do not become more chronic illness down the line. Acupuncture is a wonderful form of preventative medicine help your body remain in homeostasis. 

Pain reduction, stress reduction, longevity.


Acute and Chronic Pain

Expect a treatment plan of at least 4-6 treatments to start.  These more frequent treatments are pivotal to get on top of the pain cycle.  Then we can re evaluate. 

Length of treatment plan is highly dependent on severity of pain and how long you have had the injury.


Women's Health

What to expect - A minimum of three months of treatment to help regulate your menstrual cycle and hormones.

If there are more compounding diagnosis's such as PCOS, Endometriosis, PMDD, difficulties conceiving -  expect to navigate a year of treatment to allow for food therapy results, lifestyle changes.

As your body is running smoother and more harmonized, and symptoms diminish, then chances of pregnancy become more likely. Please note: I do not treat infertility directly. 

Period Pain, uterine fibroids/cysts, PCOS, PMS
Stress, Immunity, Sleep, Allergies


Stress, Immunity and Sleep

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is actually the first Functional Medicine. 

If you are struggling with a symptom such as not sleeping, digestive upset, or managing stress, then setting up monthly appointments can help keep your health in check, boost your immunity and manage stress related symptoms to avoid more chronic conditions.



Children are energetic little beings in more ways than one. I find the best way to treat infants to pre teens is through the Japanese non-invasive needling technique of Shoni Shin along with using herbal formulas. When we are born our acupuncture channels and points are still forming and consolidating. This is why more manual therapy and herbs are a great way to treat in lieu of needles.

Children and Herbal Formulas, non-needle treatments
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